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You Have Purpose

In this season (the quarantine, the lockdown, and the war on systemic racism), the enemy would love to devour all the seeds we so lovingly planted early in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, etc.

However, you were designed by a Holy God.

With all this extra time, we must combine it with prayer, discipline, hope and creativity.

You have been called and chosen by the Creator of the Universe who owes this Entire World!! Historically, He has used small people to do BIG things!

Your mom may not get it. Your best friend may laugh you off.

But, you have purpose.

Esther was one such creation. Without a mother or father. She had a constitution of faith. She knew that God was with her as she did the impossible. Queen Esther is the muse behind the name Hadassah Beauty. Her Hebrew name is Hadassah, meaning Myrtle tree. The Myrtle Tree is a symbol of innocence and nourishment.

Queen Hadassah nourished her body for 12 months, after the manner of preparation for the women, 6 months with myrrh and 6 months with other beauty treatments, according to Esther 2:12. She and the other women nourished their bodies before being presented to King Ahasuerus. Esther, out of all the other beautiful maidens, was chosen by God to be the new Queen of Persia. 

Queen Esther is a symbol of courage, hospitality, trusting God in times of danger, wisdom and the power of prayer and fasting. Hadassah Beauty Be Nourished seeks to create beauty products that would be worthy of the Biblical Queen Esther, whom the brand is named after. Her Hebrew name is Hadassah, or Myrtle tree, which means nourished. 

Hadassah Beauty Be Nourished has created a shea butter like no other. The finest-quality shea butter is blended with coconut oil and other nourishing oils and is kissed with memorable fragrance. We are offering a Nourishing Gift set, scented Shea butters, and hand sanitizer.

You have purpose. Do you see this beautiful flower on the Myrtle Tree? You are no less unique than this gorgeous bloom.

Love yourself because God loves you.


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